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Welcome to Otahuna Riding. It’s a great pleasure to have you here, and it is our business to ensure that you get all that you came looking for.

We have carefully assembled lots and lots of content about horses and horse riding with the aim of answering all the questions that you may have in mind. Otahuna Riding was born with the knowledge that although much of the information that horse lovers are looking for is available online, it is either hidden in dark corners or presented in a manner so complex that users end up even more confused after reading than when they came searching.

Here, all articles are presented in a simple manner that you can understand just as easily as a young horse learns how to gallop.

Get answers to any questions you may have about horse riding, whether you are an amateur rider looking to learn, a seasoned rider or just an enthusiast looking to understand the sport better. All this is done with a simplicity that will have horse riding jargon sounding like music.

We also have a special section dedicated to riding equipment. Find out the correct type of gear for different categories of races and riders and why it is necessary that riders always get it right.

Plus of course, we wouldn’t forget about the latest feature that has become part of sports – betting. Find out how betting works in horse races, where you can place your stakes when enoying your favourite competitions and how to go about the entire betting business smartly.

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