Colic, Not Just Something That Threatens Infants

Horses are temperamental, to say the least, and there are a number of factors that can affect the gut of the horse, causing it to become ill.

Colic in Horses

Colic in horses is much the same as that of infants. It is an ailment that affects the gut, and becomes an extremely painful experience for the horse. Excess acid builds up will cause cramping that is severe.

The Stress Factor

Horse lying down in stable on small amount of straw bedding and rubber matting. Haynet tied up. Horse could be displaying colic symptoms.

There are certain periods of the year that bring with them new stresses for horses. Spring is one such time. This is when the riders begin to increase and intensify the exercise routines, and the amount of what the horse is being fed. They may also choose to make changes to the diet that could interfere with the intestinal workings, causing colic. As a horse owner, you will understand the difference between forages, and concentrates, and the different requirements for each. While it may seem insignificant, colic is, in fact, a killer among horses.

Keep Colic In Check

There are a number of visual signs that do indicate a problem. Dry, or firm stools could indicate dehydration in the horse which could have an enormous impact on colic, while stool that is moist, or loose may indicate that the horse is well-hydrated. However, a stool that becomes too loose, and gives off an acid-like smell is a red flag that something is amiss within the colon. These signs are, however, not always present.

The development of an online tool to assist horse owners in assessing the degree of risk to their horses has proven to be extremely useful in the fight against colic, and the damages that it causes. Horse owners the world over have realized the importance of managing the health of their horses, in preventing any problems. More than 80% of colic cases and the related issues could be stopped in their tracks with proper health management.

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