Different Types of Horse Equipment

In the world of horse riding, equipment and accessories are referred to as tack. This includes items such as: breastplates, martingales, harnesses, bits, reins, halters, bridles, stirrups and saddles. When riders equip their horse, it is known as tacking up. And the equipment store or room is called the tack room, and is normally close to the stable.


These rider seats are made of strong leather, and are safely attached to the horse’s back by a broad strap named a girth. This is put around the horse around 4 inches behind its forelegs. It is very important to chose a comfortable saddle that suits both the horse and the rider. This is because if it is not fitted correctly, it may cause painful pressure points on a particular muscle on the horse’s back (the Latissimus dorsi), thus generating pain for the horse, and making it potentially dangerous, as both the rider and the horse could get injured.

Saddle Accessories

Breast Plate

This stops the saddle sliding backwards or sideways on the horse’s back


Made of strong metal, these stirrups which are on either side of the horse, are essential for supporting the rider’s feet which hang down. Their purpose is to offer the rider more stability, although, on the downside, a rider’s feet can become wedged in them.


Also known as a head collar, a halter is comprised of different arrangements of straps which are placed around the head of the horse for the purpose of communicating and controlling it.

Lead Rope

There is a lead rope which is separate from the head collar. The length varies according to the purpose. If it is for common tying up and leading, then it can be just 6 to 10 feet, whereas if it is for letting the horse graze, it can be 25 feet long.