Explore New Zealand on Horseback

There is nothing more beautiful than exploring the rolling, green hills of New Zealand by horseback, as long as you do it safely. Accidents do happen, and during an adventure of this kind, is not when you want to fall victim to it.

Keep It Basic

For the novice rider, just starting out on horseback, it is essential that you start off correctly. Safety is paramount when on horseback. The graceful creatures are easily spooked, and as is the nature of animals, grossly unpredictable. The most basic equipment to familiarize yourself with before mounting the back of the beast will be required going forward, regardless of whether you continue to ride casually, or take a more professional approach. The saddle, saddle pad, girth, bridle, and rein are not negotiable. The saddle pad is placed on the back, with the saddle placed on top of that. These are secured by the girth. The bridle goes on the head, the reins attached to that. These are used to provide the horse with direction.

Protect Your Head

While it isn’t customary to use a helmet while riding casually, it is the best route to follow when exploring untamed areas. The helmet will protect your head, to a degree, should you fall from the back of the horse and strike your head on any objects on the ground. Out in the natural wilderness of New Zealand, it won’t be easy to come by medical attention.

Taking It A Step Further

Once you have mastered fitting your horse with the basic equipment, and you have found your feet on horseback, you may consider taking your riding experiences to the next level. Once you step it up a notch, you might find that you begin to add to your equipment. There are so many things that can be changed, and added to, however, getting the basics right is vital.