Fireworks – Enemy Number One

For humans, a display of fireworks is a wonder to behold with an array of gorgeous colours lighting up the sky in a variety of different patterns. However, for animals, especially horses, it is a nightmare brought to life.

Local Under The Spotlight

A local opinion writer from Waitoki in the northwest of Auckland has come under fire for a planned, private fireworks display at his son’s upcoming fifth birthday party. Although the public outcry has been a loud one, Damien Grant has been unmoved in his opinion. He has taken the position that there has been more than enough time for any surrounding residents to remove their animals

before the celebrations. Mr Grant is more concerned with how his child’s party has become a political issue, than the issue of animal rights. He has noted that he will still be setting off the display for his family regardless.

Horse Owners Chomping At The Bit

Horse owners living in the area are fuming. They fear for the lives, and well-being of their animals. While some have made arrangement to move their horses for the night, there are fears that some of the older beasts may fall prey to injury during the journey. Mr Grant’s flippant approach, and lack of concern regarding the animals is outrageous to say the least.

Vets On Standby For A Busy Night

A number of the resident locals have made it abundantly clear that should they require the services of the vet on the night in question, Mr Grant will be footing the bill. It seems Mr Grant’s antics, and his son’s birthday party may be costing him more than he budgeted for.

Residents, and horse owners in Waitoki take their animals seriously. They treat them humanely, and have a passion, and love for the creatures. When it comes to their safety there certainly is no place for horsing around.

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