Get A Feel For The New Zealand Countryside

One of the most wonderful ways to explore the beauty of nature in New Zealand, and slow down to a canter, away from the bustling city life, is by horseback.

Bred To Tour

New Zealand is widely known for their ability to breed horses which are especially suited for trekking. Trekking refers to trips on horseback with the aim of seeing what New Zealand has to offer the tourists, and locals alike. Of course, the level of each rider’s ability will determine the right horse for the job. Horses, like people, have personalities or temperaments, and these must be matched with the right rider. All basic equipment is usually provided as part of the excursion.

Horse Riding Operators

Horse riding operators are in abundance in New Zealand. People from all over the world travel far, and wide to experience New Zealand’s beauty from the back of a handsome steed. While operators are professionals who take great care and consideration to ensure animal welfare, quality, and safety, they do offer basic novice courses to those who have never had the pleasure. Granted, the courses aren’t anything complex but do provide the basics of how to mount, sit, direct, and dismount the horse, with as little discomfort to the animal as possible.

Destinations, And Locations

New Zealand has too much to offer where nature, wilderness, and countryside are concerned. There is no better way to forget about the hustle, and bustle of city life and get back to the serenity that nature has to offer. Whether you decide to venture across the sandy beaches of Pakiri, or through the grasslands of the high country on the South Islands, your experience will be phenomenal.

Pack up, slip away to the New Zealand countryside, mount a horse, and ride off into the most beautiful sunset your eyes have ever seen.