Horse Betting, Considerations To Factor Into The Equation

Horse betting is complex, and really quite risky, regardless of whether or not you know your way around using a Casino Epoca App and the horse racing betting system. However, if you do, the risk is reduced considerably. There are so many different things to consider before even placing that first wager, and skipping just one step may be your downfall in the end.

Distance and Track Conditions

The distance or length of the track is a vital piece of information. Every horse performs differently over varying distances. If the track is too long, the horse may tire, and if it is too short, the horse may not have time to reach its full potential. The track conditions are also extremely important. Ground that is too soft, or too hard can affect how the horse performs, and this is also determined by the size of the horse’s hooves.


A larger track will always mean more contenders in the race. With so many options, it can become a difficult situation to select a winner. However, this is also part of the excitement.

History – Performances Past

It is vital to check when your horse raced before. If it has raced within the last 28 days, that is ideal. The horse has not been sitting idly, and is more than likely in peak condition.


Take note of the form of the horse you have your eyes on. The form is indicated by a C or D. This is an indication of the last race won by the horse, and what the award for the win was. The C will give your information pertaining to the horse recently winning over a certain track, while D indicates the horse’s performance over running distances. There is no err in going with a firm favorite. Odds of 3/1 are the perfect conditions for a winning streak.

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