Horseback – The Only Way To Really See New Zealand

Riding horseback is not for everybody, however, for those that take to it, there is so much of the New Zealand countryside that lies ahead for you to discover.

Basic Essentials

As with any sport, when starting out, there are basic essentials required when it comes to equipment. Horse riding is no different. In order to ensure that your ride is as safe, and comfortable as you hope it will be, and that the horse is as at ease as it should be, there are a few items that need to be in place. The saddle, and saddle pad must sit firmly on the horse’s back, fixed in place by the girdle. The bridle, and reins fit over the head, and provide you with a means of directing the horse to move according to how you tug on the reins. Regardless of where you choose to trot, it is always best to secure a helmet to your head. Falls from horses are common. They are easily spooked and can throw you at any time. Always keep that in the back of you mind. Hitting your head on a rock, or branch on the way down can do a lot of harm.

The Bridle

There is a huge variety of different bridles on the market, however, the one you select needs to meet the needs of your horse. While some work extremely well with a full bridle fitted, others may not take to it. Unfortunately, finding the perfect bridle is really a game of trial and error.

English vs Western

Western, and English equipment, or tack is quite different from each other, and they don’t mix well together. The riding disciplines differ somewhat, and the equipment is designed accordingly.

Take the leap today, and mount a mighty steed, your view of the New Zealand countryside will be a wondrous one.