Horsing Around

Drug scandals overshadow almost all sports in existence today, and horse racing is no different.

Caught in the Crossfire

Princess Tiffany and Winterfell are names that have been handed about freely of late. These two fine specimens have been intertwined in the Harness Jewels drug scandal which threatened to see them not competing this year. The horses, trained by Mark Purdon, and Natalie Rasmussen, part of the All Stars stable were cleared of the allegations a mere day before the races and made available to take part.

It was Rasmussen herself who alerted authorities to the possibility of nine of his horses being contaminated by a drug. It was brought to light by the driver of the truck carrying the horses that his workers had been acting strangely, and the driver feared they may be involved in drug activities. The possibility that the workers had been smoking the drug in the vicinity of the horses alerted the driver to the possibility of problems. The workers have since been dismissed.

Winning In The Face of Adversity

Regardless of the chaos that surrounded the horses only a short period before the races, they managed to shine like diamonds at the Harness Jewels day races held at Cambridge. They were the victors in Group 1 races on the day, much to the delight of their trainers.

Trainers Take Top Honors

The two horses who are stablemates were only a small portion of the winning team for the trainers in question. The trainers stamped authority on the event and dominated overall. They managed to pull off six wins out of 9 races in which their horses took part. Success was the sweetest victory for the All-Star stable considering that nine of its twenty horses may not have been able to stand on the starting blocks. That left only three races for the other trainers to squabble over.

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