How The Horse Riding Saddle Have Improved Throughout The Years

Horse riding is an activity as old as the beginning of time. Before there were planes, or cars or even carriages, there were horses (and donkeys), but mostly horses. These majestic creatures are as old as the dawn of time and have been used as a mode of transport first before being used for entertainment on the tracks or afternoon entertainment at your local horse riding club. With this transition in functionality and serviceability in space and time so too has horse-riding equipment shifted dynamics and functions. Back in the day, the only equipment used for horse riding was a carriage which was simply attached to the horse to transport humans. Now that things have changed there has been an improvement and advancement of riding equipment throughout the years. One of that equipment in particular is the famous saddle.

Throughout the Last Half Century

Some may not believe this but the saddle in the form that is in today was designed and launched nearly 60 years ago. In the 1970s and early 80s saddles underwent a transformation to adapt to the times, especially introducing technologies of the time. The modern millennial saddle is close to 1000 times more comfortable than that of its predecessors. Saddles have come a long way from pieces of linens and cloth being used to shield crotches from bruising.

Transformation in Design and Style Over the Last Decades

One thing to remember is that, although the saddle has undergone drastic aesthetic changes over the years, its main purpose and functionality has remained the same. This purpose is to ensure the rider is not sitting directly on the horse and to ensure an effective and optimal distribution of weight to avoid spinal twinge. The 1960s the saddle could be spotted boasting a pendulum arc design which was heavy and rather, becoming flattered in the 80s and incorporating leather and padding in the 90s to 2000s.

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