More than Just Fun: The Multiple Benefits of Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the greatest sports and hobbies in New Zealand. The land is home to various scenic tours and treks whereby visitors and locals can experience horse riding in a beautiful setting. Besides the enjoyment, horse riding also has many mental, physical and social benefits that can be experienced during each ride, making it a healthy activity for all.

Physical Benefits

Riding a horse provides a multi-sensory experience for the rider. Horse riding firstly offers the physical experience of human-like movement, in the sense that the horse moves side to side, back and forth, and in rotation. This movement forces the rider to move in the same motion when on the horse and can reinforce the physical gestures disabled or injured people lack. It can even be seen that children with autism are soothed by this movement.

Shared Awareness

A horse has heightened awareness and is sensitive to the emotions and atmosphere around it. When the rider is scared, angry or nervous, the horse picks up on these emotions and in turn displays them accordingly. The advantage of this is that it allows the rider to notice the energy and emotions they are giving off and adjust them in order to ease the tension. It helps the rider recognise their actions and reactions, and learn to be aware of the feelings they display.

Social Skill Integration

When learning how to ride a horse, you have to adjust your communication methods to accommodate how the horse understands instructions. Rather than use violence, annoyance or shouting, a rider must be gentle and helpful when guiding the horse. Although it may seem simple, this enforces the social skills you need for clearer communication and patience in your daily life.

With a variety of sites and spots to visit all across New Zealand, you can work on improving any form of personal trouble with the pleasures of horse riding.