The Modern-day Guide To Horse Racing Equipment

There was a time when all horse riders simply put on regular clothes and mounted on horses and went about their daily hunting and other survival activities. Nowadays, however, humanity has succumbed to different levels of civility and have completely abandoned their Neanderthal ways. This, of course, means that one cannot just simply ride a horse without the appropriate riding or racing gear, that would be considered almost barbaric. This is a modern-day guide to horseracing equipment and will tell you what you need to spot in your locker before going out on the tracks.


Back in the olden day, when horses were used as a means of transportation and not just for human entertainment, helmets were almost never worn. Unless, of course, you were going to fight in a war or battle, then a helmet wasn’t necessarily equipment it was a necessity for survival. Nowadays though, helmets are used to shield horse racers from falling off their horse and breaking their skulls open when racing a horse at 40 km an hour on the race tracks. And although most helmets in the time of Arthur were made from steel and metal, (you know, for protection at war), today they are made from hardened plastic, nonetheless, they are a necessity if you plan to ride a horse.

Pants, Shirts and Breeches

There was also a time when horse racing attire was pretty much anything you chose to wear that day. And the only time specific clothing items were adorned was again for war. Like putting on chainmail and actual armour. In modern times, however, horse racing attire is etiquette and includes pants, shirts (likely from polo) and breeches.

Jokes Aside

All sarcasm put aside, horseracing gear and equipment has only evolved and changes to accommodate the times. It would make little sense for things to stay the same without accounting for transition and transformation at different times.

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