The Three Best Horse Riding Trekking Courses To Take In New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its diverse and breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. It makes for a great location for site seeing or trekking the high mountains and low valleys on horses. Some of the best small towns and country locations in New Zealand have horse riding trekking courses that visitors of New Zealand can enjoy and experience. These are three of the best horse riding and trekking courses to take while on your vacation down under.

Hanmer Horse Trekking

This horse trekking course is solely focused on providing some scenic wonderland. They have an array of diverse horses to pick from and riders will find themselves completely encompassed by the glorious Hanmer Springs. The team is extremely friendly and especially helpful. You can expect to trek on horses through valleys and mountains and ride them across shallow rivers and forests.

Adventure Horse Trekking NZ Ltd

This horse trekking course is suited for those looking to explore the scenic views of the snow-covered Southern Alps of New Zealand. The route will take riders through rivers flooded by white snow, and lakes with views that could quite frankly freeze you on sight. Riders will be exposed to Aotearoa culture that dates back more than a hundred years back. Where you can visit ancient huts that showcase the historic living of early settlers.

Westray Adventures- Horse Treks

No one visits New Zealand and doesn’t seek to be inspired by the scenery and majesty of their surroundings. There is nothing quite like finding yourself on a horse riding down the green and luscious mountains near Te Anau. This trek course allows you to do just that. The courses also happen to be guided by a rather knowledgeable guide who knows all the perfects spots that every tourist visiting New Zealand dreams of seeing.

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