Top of the Equestrian Class – Horse Riding Schools in New Zealand

Known for beautiful scenery and friendly people, New Zealand has another special treat for all you locals: gorgeous horses all over the country. The land is known for its horse riding treks and routes, and is the desire of many tourists. But you might want to take the next step from riding casually with friends or family, to becoming a trained horse rider. With all the riding schools available, you’re guaranteed to find a great fit for your equestrian needs.

Indoor Riding in Wellington

The Wellington Indoor Riding School is a center for equestrian training and education. They offer lessons for beginners, intermediates and well-trained riders, conducted by equestrian professionals. Besides the usual lessons, they also host a pony club and holiday programs for children, beach rides and treks for older riders, and a variety of training classes to hone any skill you desire.

Auckland’s Henderson Valley

Located in Auckland is the Henderson Valley Riding School. Established in 2011, the school provides lessons for riders of all levels and ages, as well as dressage and jumping lessons. They are open 6 days a week and also provide group lessons on their 20-acre property. All the horses are carefully trained along with the staff to provide the best possible training experience.

Lydia Quay’s Clearwater Riding School

The Clearwater Riding School is run by professional and prize-winning horse rider Lydia Quay. Clearwater hosts a long list of lessons, school and holiday programs, and horse riding events. An added benefit to training with Clearwater, is the option to consult Lydia herself, for advice on various riding aspects. She will also assess your horse or pony along with you.

The opportunities for top quality horse riding training are endless with the equestrian schools New Zealand has to offer. Beginner or experienced, young or mature, you can be sure you’ll find a school for your needs.