Trot Along To The Sounds Of Nature

Riding a horse for the first time can be quite intimidating, however, if you have the right guidance, and the incentive, you are sure to get through it with flying colours.

Novice? No Problem

Never let your abilities, or lack thereof, prevent you from undertaking a horse riding trek through the most treasured part of New Zealand. Most trekking operators make provisions for people of all skill levels, even matching horses with calmer temperaments with riders who are only novices.

Safety First

The operators are professional in every aspect. They have your safety and the welfare of the animal at heart. If you have only ever laid eyes on a horse, and never dreamed you would ever mount one, fear not. Instructors are on hand to provide basic knowledge that will allow you to ride with ease. The instruction, is nothing intense but does give you what you need.

Destination Fantastic

New Zealand is filled with hidden treasure that can only be uncovered on horseback. For those who think of the country as only a hilly countryside, think again. The central North Island is home to the highlands of the volcanic plateau, the Otago mountain basins are speckled with old mining settlements, and Pakiri in Auckland will allow you to gallop with wild abandon along the sandy beaches. There is so much more than meets the eye if you only take the time to look, and truly see the beauty that lies within.

Family vacations are expensive these days, however, there comes a time when you need to escape the realities of life, and find solitude, and relaxation. Trekking is suitable for the entire family and provides an affordable, fun, educational vacation for all. There is nothing more freeing than the feeling of riding horseback, and nothing more spectacular than the views you are sure to lay your eyes on