Trotting Across The Landscape: Horse Riding Adventures In New Zealand

The landscape of New Zealand offers beauty, adventure and leisure in the form of a warm afternoon atop a horse. The experience welcomes all levels of experience, from complete amateur to professional rider. You can traverse scenic routes, bond with friends, and connect with majestic horses, all within the reach of a day trip.

Hare Hill Treks

The Hare Hill Horse Treks in Deborah Bay are made up of idyllic seaside riding routes. The company owns 60 acres of land just twenty minutes outside of Dunedin where you can trot, canter or gallop across the sand with the fresh sea air around you. Hare Hill offers 3 hour morning and afternoon guided rides with a variety of horses to choose from to suit your personality and pace.

Routes Across Queenstown

Queenstown offers multiple horse riding routes and options, including Ben Lomond Trekking, Dart Stables and Walter Peak. All three riding companies offer unique packages that include horse treks, lunches and tours varying in length with riding professionals. The experience allows for scenic viewing while relaxing with the flora and fauna of nature, welcoming the whole family for some summer fun.

Something For The North Islanders

For those of you on the North Island, there is ample horse riding adventures for you, too. The Adventure Playground in Rotorua has riding packages of 30 and 60 minutes, with all the bits and bobs included, and an expert to lead the way. Riders have to be 8 years and older, allowing for the majority of the family to go across the treks safely. For the younger kiddies, there are also hand led pony rides for children above the age of 4.

These are but a few of the extensive horse riding opportunities available across New Zealand. No matter where you are, or who you’re with, a horse riding tour company is somewhere nearby for you and your family to explore the land on horseback.