Why Joining A Horse Riding Course May Be Back Crushing…Literally

Anyone who has ever mounted a horse or even seen one can immediately see that it seems to be rather strenuous on the back muscles and spine. This is because every moment you spend sitting on a horse requires a large amount of back strength as you are sitting in perfect alignment with the horse. This means sitting completing up straight for riding horses or sitting crouched forward when racing a horse. One way or another, horses are some good exercise for your back. Sometimes this strain surpasses just a workout session and can prove to be quite painful and detrimental to a rider’s health. It is therefore important to get yourself checked out by a professional medical practitioner if you find yourself experiencing sharp throbs on your back after taking horse riding courses.

The Pain of It All

Many horse riders complain of and suffer from back problems, this is especially true for the lower back. One of the main courses for this pain stems from the biological structure of the spine. The spine naturally has a curvature, which makes it curve outwards on the upper part and in inward at the base. These natural curves can be distorted to fit the position an individual is sitting at. The important thing is the balance of the spine whenever one is sitting up straight and this balance can sometimes be compromised when one is riding a horse. Causing the spine to distort itself in exaggerated or insufficient ways, this of course, can cause severe bouts of pain to spread throughout the body.

Quick fixes for when the doctor is not nearby

One of the best ways to prevent back pains from starting at all is using your hip movement and alignment to support your spine. This requires strengthening your muscles in your lower back.

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